Extraordinarily Classic – 20c Design

20cdesign is your home for 20th century classic modernism.

Since our inception in 1998, we’ve been buying and selling the most extraordinary examples of classic modern design, decorative arts, architectural design, art, sculpture and lighting.

We’re focused on rare and cutting-edge 20th-century pieces. Get used to hearing “provenance available.” because so many of the pieces come with papers and a back story.

We are mid-century modern specialists.

Co-Founder Barry Gream.

Modern Showroom

Our Dallas site showcases the finest and most recent acquisitions. Browse on your own or take a guided tour through unparalleled modernized spaces.

You can find our showroom in the center of the design district.

As a collector, I was always looking to upgrade my collection – the discovery of the unknown was what fueled the pursuit. This isn’t just another furniture showroom, we want to present the designers as the artists they are.
Co-Founder Ryan Rucker